How to Protect Your Family From the Effects Of "The Digital Dark Age" // The Digital Declutter Challenge

Digital photography has many advantages over film but also has one major downside. Without proper organization and backup, we are vulnerable to losing all our family's memories in an instant. Today I put my foot down with my procrastination. Nothing is more important to me than preserving our memories and it's shameful I've let my family photos get so unorganized. ESPECIALLY because I'm a professional photographer. I know better. Google Vice President Vint Cerf recently spoke on the dangers of technology and digital formats, warning us of a potential loss of historic information (what he referred to as a "Digital Dark Age") if we are unable to properly preserve our digital data. This is a legitimate concern regarding all data worldwide but his comments have hit a nerve for me on a personal level, that being the preservation of my family's photographs & videos. A recent Bitcasa survey says nearly 50% of moms have lost precious photos and videos of their family. It happens to the best of us.

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While my client's photographs are meticulously filed and backed up, I have procrastinated doing this for myself (what's that saying about the cobbler and his shoes?) for years. I probably have 4 different hard drives with personal photos. Some on my husband's computer, some in a cloud. It's a disaster. Truth is, I'm just so intimidated by the job, I talk myself out of starting. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I thought I'd make a book on my maternity leave, except I couldn't even figure out when to eat or shower, let alone sit down and organize photos. Now that I have three kids and the business, I couldn't be deeper down the rabbit hole.

I've had enough. Enough putting other people's memories first. Enough choosing to fold laundry instead. Enough Netflix distractions.


I'm doing it now! I went on a planning rampage and put together a Digital Declutter Challenge with 6 small weekly assignments to get us organized. The same process I use for my clients photos, I will be using for myself. I'm going to get these images organized and printed. I'm going to be one of those moms that always make me feel guilty about not having a little album made for the previous year. AH! I'm so excited to fix this.

Are you like me? Are you so busy KonMari'ing your kitchen plastic that your family's precious memories are being left in the dust? I’ve set it all up so you can get the weekly clean up assignments too (it’s free and the challenges come ot your inbox so you can save and repeat them at any time). Complete the form below to get ahead of this photo monstrosity before it gets any crazier, your first challenge will come tomorrow!


Can't wait to tackle this with you.

Hugs ~Chrystal